RD (Roughly Drawn)

Legs Chair

This U.R.E process allows plastic to be heated to molten state, then manipulated by hand and fused together seamlessly to form rigid plastic structures. The chair uses no glues, internal support frames, or additional fixings in its production and is therefore 100% recycled plastic.  All that’s added is heat.

This chair design has been widely recognised as one of the most iconic ECO products and was selected in the category of “Innovation” as part of the Classic design awards held at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

In addition to the RD legs chair, a range of experimental furniture, lighting and limited edition designs have been manufactured by Cohda to showcase the URE process; many of which now reside in museums or private collections.



Alongside this, several U.R.E recycling factories have been presented live during various design festivals. These live events allowed the public to be part of the URE process by feeding the events with their plastic waste (bottles, food trays), which the Cohda team reformed into new designs.

Key Expertise

Project Specific

  • Research
  • Creative innovation
  • Product design
  • Industrial design
  • Furniture design
  • Design for sustainability
  • Prototyping