Cohda Design

Developing products to solve problems and make businesses profitable

Who We Are


Product design, development + research studio


For over 15 years our multi-faceted team of Creatives, Product Designers, Engineers, Technical Experts, Makers and Material Researchers have worked with international clients. We deliver original product solutions and experiences that corner new markets and increase market share.


What We Do


Help you to shape the future


Cohda work closely with clients and leading experts to bring world-first products and technology to life.

Working across multiple industries, Cohda will identify your problem, creatively solve it and engineer a solution ready for manufacture.

How We Do It


In-house under one roof


Taking an analytical approach to design thinking, Cohda uses the latest technology, materials, tools and software to deliver unique product solutions.

By keeping the complete design process in-house, Creative Designers work alongside our Engineers to ensure products not only look impressive, but also satisfy every technical, costing and manufacture requirement.

We also use our expertise in emerging technologies to stay one step ahead of competitors, often inventing new tech ourselves in-house.


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