Power Tap® (P-Tap®)

Invisible power delivery through glass

P-Tap® is a transparent lamination of conductive and non-conductive glass. The arrangement allows power or data to be transferred across individual layers within the lamination. Pre-machined apertures create taps to the positive and negative charged inner coatings that supply power delivery to embedded devices. These connected devices appear to be freely floating within an optically clear glass panel with no visible means of power connection.

Retail POS Table

Electronics Display

Removing the need for wires offers designers, architects and engineers limitless design opportunities to locate powered devices within transparent structures. Devices such as USB sockets, induction charging pads, motors, cameras, sensors and digital displays can all be seamlessly integrated.

Self-driving Car

Connected Windscreen

Kinetic Display

Rotating Artwork

Early applications include LED lit display cases and shelving units for museums and induction charging ‘smart’ tables for high-end retail stores. Wider applications span a multitude of markets including Architecture, Security, Automotive, Retail and Lighting.

Futures Kitchen

Induction Devices

Commercial agreements to utilise the P-Tap® IP and tech are underway. Initial partnerships include leading touch-screen display manufacturer www.zytronic.co.uk, a global glass company and a leading showcase manufacturer. All will see products to market throughout 2021/22. For direct enquires to purchase Power Tap® glass please contact Zytronic.


P-Tap® Intellectual property is protected under  GB1709766.8, EP18756270.7, CA WO2018234777 & US16/624,293

Invisible Room Divider

Communication via Glass

For more information on Power-Tap®, support in applying P-Tap® tech to your own markets, or to be put in direct contact with a P-Tap® OEM component supplier and processor, please contact studio@cohda.com

Interactive Retail Cases

Moving Products

Invisible Boom Box

Component Communication via Glass

Key Expertise

Project Specific

  • Research
  • Creative innovation
  • Product design
  • Industrial design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Design for manufacture