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With Cohda’s experience in emerging lighting tech, Innermost Lighting  approached them with a challenge to develop a minimal lightweight hanging design, that could offer maximum visual impact. This lead to a R&D study into the movement of LED light, and refractive fabrics that could replace traditional optics to scatter light points.


Kepler Luminaires are manufacture and distributed by Innermost (click here)

"Create a lightweight luminaire that can be clustered to deliver maximum visual impact”

The result is Kepler’s uniquely woven optical-fabric, that once married with the pitch of an LED, scatters light trails across a large surface area. The resulting effect gives visual depth to an extremely thin 10mm disk. Using these highly innovative materials and multiplying single LEDs over the large thin surface, the light is refracted and gives the illusion of infinity.

"Shortlisted in the Dezeen Awards, Darc Awards, and AZ awards 2018"

“Uniquely woven optical-fabric that refracts light to create an illusion of infinity”

Kepler is a design that forces you to look twice – often confused with glass, mirror or metal on first glance – viewers are surprised to discover the effect is actually made by an innovative thin layer of fabric. The fine material, which has been likened to hosiery from the fashion industry, creates a fascinating effect, like a kaleidoscope of light rays. This woven translucent material is biodegradable and environmentally-friendly; creating a large impact from a small amount of innovative fabric.

“Overlaid they refract one another, creating a conversation of light”

Due to the nature of the design, when Kepler disks are clustered together, they further refract light between one another. This offers limitless hanging variation.  With Kepler there is an opportunity to create huge and impressive light installations using very compact and lightweight units. Available in various sizes and with full movement around both the X and Y axis, the pendants can be positioned in multiple ways, offering a range of installation options.

Kepler disk Light

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  • Lighting design
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