Crypsis Lighting

Design + Engineering

In nature Crypsis is the “ability to avoid observation and to blend into one’s environment”. The aptly named Crypsis Lighting technology is a fully interactive, seamless, and low voltage lighting system that provides high intensity, fully adjustable light discreetly within a transparent panel.

“No Batteries or Direct Means of Power Gives Full Movement And Interaction”

An external magnetic control puck allows Crypsis lights to be repositioned, dimmed, clustered together (in multiples) freely and operated in either a horizontal or vertical plane.

The low voltage system uses no batteries or direct wiring which opens up new freedom and opportunities in commercial and domestic lighting.

The adjustability of Crypsis makes it ideal for for retail applications and point of sale displays. It is currently used in Museums as the light beam can be focused on different articles as the exhibition changes.

“ With Inbuilt Gyroscopic Dimming, Brightness Can Be Adjusted By Simply Rotating’

“Explosion of Light Unit and Control Puck Parts, All Developed and Tooled by Cohda”

Final light units were developed for ease of assembly, without the need for specialist skills, tools or adhesives.  Units are engineered around a central PCB, with components being clipped together in under 2 minutes.

The Crypsis System was developed by the in- house Cohda design team in collaboration with Crypsis Lighting Limited UK.  The technology is protected under several world-registered patents. All Crypsis manufacture, intellectual property, distribution, and licensing is controlled by Crypsis Lighting Ltd UK. For further information please contact Crypsis Lighting direct

Key Expertise

Project Specific

  • Research
  • Creative innovation
  • IP creation
  • Product design
  • Industrial design
  • Human factors
  • Lighting design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Design for manufacture