GLOBE Deck Chair

Disrupt the conventional and offer something truly unique

Globe + Cohda’s recent collaboration has culminated in the Deck Chair- a chair design that uses manufacture processes and components, generally only seen in the board sports industry, to offer something truly unique to the furniture market.

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Recycling Identification Device

Cohda has explored the capabilities of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to easily identify waste packaging materials at home. Up to 60% of recyclable material is thrown into household waste, we evaluated this is due to a lack of knowledge combined with the constant change of what can be recycled. R.I.D is a small handheld kitchen device that can identify the material used in the packaging, reference a database and inform the user whether the item can or cannot be recycled.

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Reducing Smartphone Addiction

Komoru is a material solution to a technological problem: smartphone addiction and signal interception. Cohda has adapted the principles of Michael Faraday’s Cage by replacing the rigid structure with a sea of conductive microspheres capable of stopping electromagnetic signals reaching anything placed within them, including smartphones (4G, 5G and WiFi) and electronic key fobs

Komoru is available here:

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Barrel Set Café furniture

Value-added products to open future markets

Berger + Cohda’s recent collaboration explores new value-added products to open future markets for Berger’s wide range of industrial components. The collaboration has culminated in a unique furniture design

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VAUX Brewery

Resurrecting an Icon

Founded in 1806 by Cuthbert Vaux, the Vaux Brewery is engrained in the industrial history of North East of England. Vaux was a major local employer in Sunderland for over 200 years, making it synonymous with the City. Sadly the Brewery closed in 1999 before it was resurrected in early 2019 by a dedicated team eager to breathe life back in to this cherished brand.

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The light from another dimension

The Kepler lighting disk is the first product in our range of luminaires for Innermost Lighting. The hanging disk uses light refraction combined with a holographic fabric to create an illusion of depth or infinity.

Since the launch of the enticing decorative luminaire: Kepler, has caused quite the stir being shortlisted in the Dezeen Awards, Darc Awards, and AZ awards 2018, and selling through its production run several times.

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Louvre Abu Dhabi

Balustrade & Seismic-Isolation Plinths

As part of our ongoing collaboration with experts in museum display Meyvaert, we were approached to solve a number of interior technical challenges at the revolutionary Jean Nouvel designed Louvre. (1) A modular balustrade system in solid brass, that could be installed with no visible connection methods, and incorporate a low voltage hidden lighting system. (2) A series of bespoke brass columns to hold priceless sculptures, be seamless, theft proof and able to withstand any seismic activity.

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Crypsis Lighting

Interactive Wireless Lighting

The Crypsis lighting system offers a new freedom in lighting precision and control. Ultra-bright LED light units can be moved wirelessly by hand and repositioned anywhere within a transparent panel. Designed for Crypsis Lighting UK, the system launched in November 2013 and has already been described as a ‘new evolution in LED lighting’

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Binary Furniture

A popular engineering toy from the 1960s was the inspiration behind this cutting-edge Binary Process. It was developed to offer customers the ability to easily design and manufacture their own pieces of 3D Printed contemporary furniture without the specialist skills generally associated with the process.

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RD Chair

The RD Legs chair is a hand woven recycled plastic chair manufactured in 100% molten HDPE plastic waste around bespoke forming jigs. The RD chair is created via an experiential process developed by Cohda named U.R.E.

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