Resurrected in 2019

Founded in 1806 by Cuthbert Vaux, the Vaux Brewery is engrained in the industrial history of North East of England with some notable beer brands to its name including Vaux’s Stout, Maxim, Double Maxim and Sunderland Best Bitter. Vaux was a major local employer in Sunderland for over 200 years, making it synonymous with the City. Sadly the Brewery closed in 1999 before it was resurrected in early 2019 by a dedicated team eager to breathe life back in to this cherished brand.

Contemporary interpretation of the brand

The newly resurrected VAUX Brewery was seeking a new identity for its as yet unlaunched beers. Whilst the heritage of the brand is important, it needed to evolve; a contemporary interpretation of the brand was recognised as a priority. With this in mind, Cohda developed a modern emblem of the original red and gold branding that would work across all formats, including a new 440ml can, keg badges, beer mats and pint and half-pint glasses designed by Cohda.

Beer-can designs show the sun rising and setting across the city

With over 1200 mine-shafts sunk in the North East, the hardy men who dug them needed some refreshment morning, noon and night and VAUX beer quenched that thirst for over 200 years. With our love of the North East (and its beer!) our design shows VAUX as the ‘mineshaft’ from which the new, contemporary Sunderland has emerged. Our two concept beers developed to frame our branding are aptly named ‘Light of day’ and ‘Dusk till dawn’, both beer-can designs show the sun rising and setting across the city scape giving a nod the 24-hour industrial history of Sunderland and the men and women who possibly needed a ‘livener’ at 6am or 6pm after a 12-hour shift in 35c heat under the North sea.

With X marking the spot to a good beer

The New VAUX logo is a redesign based on the angular font used in the traditional Vaux logo reimagined into a compact, balanced emblem. The final identity gives a nod to the history of Vaux, but with a refreshing modernisation and an eye firmly on the future. With X marking the spot to a good beer it is also an easily recognised emblem in an already crowded marketplace.

An easily recognised emblem in an already crowded marketplace