Precision machined for ease of assembly

5 component parts

Berger are the world’s leading manufacturer of clamping rings to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and nuclear sectors. Their recent collaboration with Cohda explores new value-added products to open future markets for their wide range of industrial components. The collaboration has culminated in a unique furniture design range, fittingly named ‘Barrel’.

Berger’s highly engineered closure rings, traditionally used to hold the lid of a plastic barrel down under force, have been lovingly repurposed by Cohda as the main component for the Barrel range. Now plated in precious metals or powder coated in vibrant colours, the rings act as the integral part of this innovative, slot-together, wooden furniture range.

Assembled without instruction, skill or tools

The wooden parts have been designed and engineered to match the precision of the closing rings and manufactured via computer controlled milling machines. This means the five precision components that make up each piece simply slot together with the closing ring clamped around the perimeter to apply an even pressure to all parts, locking the legs in place to produce a rigid design.

Injection moulded Plastic clip, developed for environments requiring permenant assembly

The flat-pack design can be assembled without the need for tools or skill, disassembled for recycling with ease, and offers a unique industrial aesthetic. The Barrel range will be available to the commercial interiors market in 2019.

Rings plated in precious metals or powder coated in vibrant colours

Key expertise

Project specific

  • Creative innovation
  • Product design
  • Industrial design
  • Furniture design
  • Human factors
  • Design for sustainability
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Design for manufacture