Kepler Shortlisted in Dezeen Awards

15th October, 2018

We have recently been invited to London to be part of the infamous Dezeen awards. Our Kepler light for Innermost has gathered attention on multiple platforms and at varying shows for it’s mesmerising visual effect.

We are up against some pretty tough competition, ranging from art pieces to renewable energy from some truly innovative studios. We’re flattered to be recognised amongst these projects and are hoping for the best.

Kepler has been shortlisted in the “Lighting Design of the Year” award. If you want to to see any more on the competition or Kepler you can find it here

Innermost interview Rich L

25th January, 2018

As Part of Innermost’s interview series ‘10 Questions’, they spoke with Richard, Founder & Creative Director of Cohda, to find out a little more about his inspirations, experiences and recent projects.  So to kick off with their 10 big questions…

1. Who would you invite to your dream designer dinner party? (Let’s call it your ‘innerparty’) Let’s call it a dream inventor party. If so then it would be Trevor Baylis, Sir Clive Sinclair, and my Grandad Horace Herbert Liddle. A dinner party full of strong opinion, ideas and probably pipe smoke.  Read More

New Cohda Branding

08th January, 2018

As much as it pains us to do it, the Apple-Bomb that has been our logo for the last 6 years has been updated with our new BOLD Cohda Branding.  Although we all loved the Apple-Bomb, Cohda studio has expanded and become more consultancy focused and we needed something striking that would work effectively across several markets and sectors.

Working closely with Branding/Graphic agency FOUNDED, our new Identity is clean, bold, and yet still allows us some freedom to play. We will be using the ‘O’ in COHDA as our focal point, and from time to time we may give you a little snippet of new products we are working on ‘through the round window!’