Friday Night Beers

22nd February, 2019

…And why they’re so important

A big working week winds to an inevitable close around half 5, as the attention shifts from the studio and the call of our local watering hole floats through the studio. It might not seem like a particularly productive necessity, but we think it’s a pretty essential part of the working week.

Not only does it provide a social escape and wind down for the week to create a stronger bond between you and your team, but creates a comfortable and informal platform for more radical ideas to be shared and discussed. The predetermined agreement of “NO SHOP TALK” is established but, particularly in our studio, the allure is too great. Once the rule has been broken (usually within 5 minutes), it’s a free for all where all the the half-formulated, half-baked, wildly inventive ideas are shared and discussed, often creating a spark of genius that feeds in to the following working week. Our minds are free to wander and speculate in these kind of environments, allowing for a different perspective of creativity, giving us the ability to share without the constraints of the studio or emails and phones constantly pinging.

They say the age of the “napkin designer” has ended, but the creative environment remains, just perhaps a paradigm shift in a designers role. And though you can’t present the wet, half torn scribblings of a beermat to a client, the ideas formulated aren’t to be sniffed at. Some of our past Cohda Friday pints discussions include developing concepts for the Hoverboard, finding the perfect market for Graphene and a very heated debate over carbon-nanotubes to name a few.

And if not anything else, it’s an ideal introduction to the weekend and a separation from the working week. Soft drinks are available too, mines a ……..